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We fix them all. And when you are ready we'll help you transition to something different and we'll even bring you back from the cloud.

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Phone Applications
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Modern Office Phone Systems are not just the phone on your desk, it is evolving into an set of powerful applications that assist in call handling.

From a simple Interactive Voice Response system to voice mail calls transferred to an email address, the features you need we provide in both our traditonal phone systems to our more complex VoIP systems.

All of these features do not require a large, upfront investment of hardware.

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Every Call Made;

There are times that your business needs to know how a sales department, how many calls were transferred to the service department or who took a call from a certain customer. With the information you can manage your business better but without the information you are traveling blind.

With the right system, that information is avaialable quickly and provides you with an additonal tool to help you manage your business better. Every business needs to have the information to draw from when they need it.

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